canvas, application, oil, tempera
150x170, 1989

Viktor Zaretsky


Ukrainian secession. Klimt period


The picture Theatre was created based on the novel "Master and Margarita" by Zaretsky.

Victor Ivanovich painted Polina Lazova, the actress of Ivan Franko National Drama theatre of Ukraine, as Margarita. Polina played the performance "Master and Margarita" (Sergei Danchenko's performance).

Victor Ivanovich couldn't see the performance, but it didn't prevent his fantasy from creating the masterpiece.

By the way, Victor Zaretsky painted himself on canvas as Voland. Another surprise is similarity of Bogdan Stupka with Korovin.

Provenance: The work was bought at the artist's workshop in Koncha-Zaspa in early 1990 from the painter himself.


  • "The Scales of Destiny of Viktor Zaretskiy" by Lesya Avramenko, 2011, p.433
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