Opening of the exhibition of Victor Zaretsky in the Museum of History of Kiev

February 8, 2018 the Museum of History of Kiev will open an exhibition of paintings by Victor Zaretsky from the largest private collection in the world.

The legendary Kiev artist, Viktor Ivanovych Zaretsky (February 8, 1925 - August 23, 1990) is a pearl of Ukrainian fine art. Ukrainian Klimt, the master of the female portrait, the monumentalist, the nonconformist of the Sixties, the excellent draftsman, he created thousands of bright works in different styles and genres, adapted Secession into Ukrainian art.

The artist is world famous for his expressive works, created in the style of Gustav Klimt.

The exhibition will include 70 paintings from Zaretsky's from the largest private collection in the world. Among them are 5 monumental works (The Theater based on Bulgakov's novel The Master and Margarita, Ascension, dedicated to Alla Gorska, the painter’s wife), 10 TOP works of the artist (Mallows, Anxiety. October, Glowing Sky), landscape, symbolic, genre painting. Almost all submitted works are published in catalogs.

The exhibition will be held during February in the Art Hall of the Museum by the address: Kyiv, Bogdan Khmelnitsky str., 7 (Teatralna metro station) and will end on March 2. It is a real gift for collectors and connoisseurs of art, as all the pictures are with impeccable provenance.

Most works are exhibited for the first time. Visitors have a unique opportunity to see the original works of the Ukrainian classics of the world scale.

Free admission.

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