plywood, oil
60x130, 1988

Viktor Zaretsky


Ukrainian secession. Klimt period


The painting dates 1988. Flowers parade is painted probably top view because there is no sky on the picture. We placed the painting to abstract art though we can guess the concrete forms of the flowers like lilac. But it is not completely abstract. We can speak of paint abstraction that creates the impression of flower meadow. Abstract interlace with impression in the sense that on the on the face of it air and space perspective is absent. It is allowed for abstraction. Only color changes. But look closely and find out that lilac is found closer to you and under the meadow of pansies, violets and other forest flowers.

Provenance: The work was bought at the artist's workshop in Koncha-Zaspa in the 90s of the XX century from Maia Zaretska, the second wife of the painter.


  • "The Scales of Destiny of Viktor Zaretskiy" by Lesya Avramenko, 2011, p.409
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