Dniper Banks. Daybreaking

paperboard, oil
50x80, 1978

Viktor Zaretsky


Anxious 70s


The work "Daybreaking" was written in 1978. It belongs to a series of works of the Dnipro coast. Among the series of works in the catalog is On the Dnipro, Red tent. Works are written on a cardboard size 50 x 70 cm.

Already in 1978, Zaretsky began to use the impressionistic style, including the technique of pointillism. Subsequently, he will come to a sophisticated secession, which will apply him the title of the creator of Ukrainian secession.

Provenance: The work was bought at the artist's workshop in Koncha-Zaspa in 1986 from the painter himself.


  • "The Scales of Destiny of Viktor Zaretskiy" by Lesya Avramenko, 2011, p.371
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