Creative Search

canvas, application, oil, mixed technique
180x172, 1990

Viktor Zaretsky


Ukrainian secession. Klimt period


The work "Creative Search" was written in 1990. It is the last painting of the artist. The picture depicts Viktor Ivanovich himself in the image of the artist. Zaretskiy was the founder of Ukrainian Secession Art. The work indicates that period.

Straw sneakers - the favorite shoes of the artist, which he has always dressed in recent years.

The second name of the work is "Mousse brews dumplings".

Provenance: The work was bought at the artist's workshop in Koncha-Zaspa in the beginning of the 90s of the XX century from Maia Zaretska, the second wife of the painter.


  • "The Scales of Destiny of Viktor Zaretskiy" by Lesya Avramenko, 2011, p.548
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