paperboard, oil
49,8x79,5, 1985

Viktor Zaretsky


Koncha Zaspa period


The picturesque work "Dandelions" refers to a series of works about a shepherd and herd. Among the works from this series is the most famous landscape work of Zaretskiy Glowing Sky.

The artist seems to suggest that the welfare of the Ukrainian nation depends on the village, on how the peasants care about the land, about animals. If the balance of the land, the peasant, the farmer, the animals, the state is established, everything will be fine in Ukraine.

Provenance: The work was bought at the artist's workshop in Koncha-Zaspa in 1987 from the painter himself.


  • "The Scales of Destiny of Viktor Zaretskiy" by Lesya Avramenko, 2011, p.346
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